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The first edition of Devonian Times was published in 1997, with minor revisions and updates occurring during the following year. A second edition, which incorporated substantial additions, revisions and a new design was published in 2002. The third edition, published in 2005, included several new species from Red Hill, the addition of several new tetrapod finds from around the world, the revision of existing text and images. It also incorporates a substantial redesign with improved navigation and web standards-compliant markup. Both the second and third editions were funded in part by the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia (www.ansp.org).

This is the fourth edition. It was prompted primarily by the discovery of the "fishapod" Tiktaalik roseae. It also includes information regarding an important re-interpretation of tetrapod Ichthyostega and the naming of the phyllolepid placoderm at Red Hill. In addition, significant clarifications and corrections have been included pertaining to ideas on tetrapod evolution prior to the late 1980s; Romer's Drying Pond wasn't the only show in town.

This work would not have been possible without the assistance of Ted Daeschler and Walt Cressler. Ted Daeschler, who is the lead researcher at Red Hill, co-discoverer of Tiktaalik, and the curator of vertebrate paleontology at the Academy of Natural Sciences, was the driving force behind the second and third editions. He provided leads, literature, fossil images and scientific guidance. Walt Cressler, who has conducted the most extensive paleobotanical investigations of Red Hill, also provided leads, literature, fossil images, and scientific guidance. I also want to thank Jennifer Clack, Stephen Scheckler, and Heather Wilson for their assistance.

Dennis C Murphy

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